Clan Bus Tour of Early Forsyth Pioneer Settler Homesite

Sunday 1 November, 2015

“Rocketed Back” in time, as the tour members to the original homesites of many of the early Forsyth Pioneer settlers and their immediate descendents historic locations. Our group examined the locations and share photos and antidotes of the local families and their properties in and around the Peak Crossing/Harrisville area.

These shared stories added colour to our family history and provided even the inspiration for this years Clan Dinner as we leanrt of the farming practices and harvest of may of these Pioneer Forsyth families.

Lift-off was from the Peak Crossing Park at 9.30 am. followed by a Shared Morning Tea at historic Harrisville cemetery and re-entry back at Peak Crossing Park at about 12.30pm.

While Clan members were free to take their own vehicles and follow the tour party, most opted for the fellowship on-board the Bus.

Photos From the Day


Site of the Original  James Forsyth’s Homestead at Limestone Ridges
– now on the property of Geoff Forsyth.


Born and Bred at the Peak, Ken Gamlen as the tour guide.


Val and the Clan enjoying Glenys’ morning tea break at the Cemetery.


Ken Gamlen , Beth ‘Forsyth and Bev Kerkin enjoying a cuppa and a story from the past.


The vista from upon high of today’s valley settled  by Clan ancestors 158 years ago .

The Map from the Day

(Click on the map below to see enlarged copy.)


The map of the tour route followed on the day.

For further detail of a copy of your own map, please contact the Clan Historian Mrs Lyndall Hill