FREE Photo Identification Service

A lot of people ask us do they to pay anything to have my picture posted on our website for identification?

Many also ask us how much does it cost to have my photo identified?

The Answer to both is NOTHING, as our website and service is completely FREE! – In addition there are no other fees associated with our site. Donations and promotional merchandise purchases are completely optional, not expected but very much appreciated. These are what help us keep our site free.

After you have created an account, you will have the option to upload a photograph. Follow the simple instructions in the account area. Please include as much information about the photograph as you can.

Your photos are treated the same as we would our own, with kid gloves. We do not express any copyright. We do not sell your photos or give them to anyone. Your information is also safe with us. We do share your photo with genealogists, societies or individuals only as needed to obtain an identity.

All our volunteers work other full time jobs, so we work on the site as time allows. Most photos are posted to the site within three days however it can take up to a week. 

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Eaton, Mary Ann and 6 of her children