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 Greetings to all Clan Forsyth members,

welcome to the Clan Forsyth Queensland web site.

People in Australia join Scottish Clan associations for a number of reasons, including maintaining a connection with the Scottish Clan network, to preserve the historical connections of their forbears, networking with family groups, or accessing family history information. Others love the sound of the bagpipes and the taste of haggis, (and perhaps Scotch whisky). Whatever your reason for joining Clan Forsyth, thank you for being part of our network.

Often it is only in later life that people become interested in their family history. That is possibly because it is only when retired, that people have the time to delve into their family’s past. Like a detective story, the family history bug captures people and engrosses them until answers are found. With the many internet data bases available today, it is not difficult to trace ones forbears back to the late 1700s. Beyond that usually requires a mix of luck, other people’s prior research, and hard slog to obtain valid and authenticated information.

Clan Forsyth across Australia and the world helps people trace their origins. In theory, all of us Forsyths could be related if we go back far enough. Each family of Forsyths who came to Australia has access to an excellent genealogist in their local Clan. I commend these dedicated people who help others in their research.

This year (2014) and next we Australians are commemorating the centenary of WWI, remembering those Australians who served and died in the war to end all wars. Many Forsyths were involved and a number died. My grandfather served at Gallipoli and on the Somme, but his brother died in a training accident as part of the Royal Flying Corps, the predecessor to the RAAF. Clan Forsyth in each State will hold events to commemorate the centenary, and I encourage all Forsyth Clan members to participate and share their family stories with other Forsyths.



David Forsyth AM.

Clan Commissioner for Australia

Clan Forsyth Society of Australia



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