News from Other Scottish Clan Societies in Queensland

The Clan Society maintains relations with a number of other similar Clan Societies here in Queensland. Almost all of these 22 other active groups are members of Scottish Clan’s Congress Queensland.

This website quotes:

“1988 saw the Scottish Clans Congress formed to facilitate an alliance of the Clans to co-ordinate and assist autonomous member societies by supporting each others functions, assisting new or small clans and promoting our cultural heritage while giving a voice to the Clans within Queensland and the Queensland Scottish community”

This organisation also maintains it’s own website :

Scottish Clan Congress Qld Home Page

Web Site URL

Facebook Fan Page

In addition to links with this organisation, we also receive a number of other newsletters from Clans affiliated with this body. Here is a listing of several who have recently supplied newsletters to be shared with our members.

Clan MacFarlane

Clan Donald

Clan Lindsay

Scottish Australian Heritage Council

In keeping with our Clan’s charter of promoting links between Forsyth’s and the Clan’s Scottish homeland, and traditions, we welcome communication from other Clan Societies and their members. Please feel free to provided us with details of your organisation and any information, that you may wish to share.