Personal Oral History

Record your Personal Oral History

 What is Oral History?

Clan Forsyth Queensland Oral History is recording the memories of Clan members’ unique life experiences. Often the only way to find out about the past is to ask someone who knows about it.

The Clans Oral history section creates a record or supplements the existing genealogical data. Through these oral histories, our members can share their past experiences, so that others can benefit from their wisdom or just be amused by their adventures. Hopefully, this will make your experience here a richer and more rewarding one, than just researching our collection of genealogical documents alone.

Oral history collection preserves the past for now and for the future. Clan Forsyth Oral history also preserves the voices, accents and vocabularies of individuals interviewed.

For details of the index of interviews conducted to date – Please click on this INTERVIEW INDEX link.