Who is in that photo ?

Whenever we thumb our way through an archive of old and sometimes forgotten family photos, there always seems to be one question, that sooner or later bubbles it way , to the top.

YES – If you have just guessed “Who is that in the photo besides Uncle or Aunt  …. ? , then you’d probably be correct. Of course, a close second favourite question, would also have to be “I wonder when that was taken?”.

5 Steps to identify people in old Photographs

Now with a little help form the John Oxley Library in Queensland and with the assistance of our own Clan Historian (Mrs Lyndall Hill) let us explore some simple steps to help us better answer many of those vexing questions, when we next stumble across that box of old photos.

Also at the end of this brief lesson there will a few older Forsyth photos, that you may be able to assist us with the identification and dating of. So to begin the learning process simlply follow to the  links below.


Do you need some assistance in identifying some of your older family photos ?

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