Clan Forsyth Society of Queensland Inc.

 (Est 1979)

On behalf of the Executive, Committee and Members of the Clan Forsyth Society of Queensland Inc. and myself, it is my privilege and pleasure the to welcome you to our web page.

Our Website

I also hope, that as you look at the items that are available on our website, you will find many items that are of interest to you. If questions should arise concerning the contents of this site, please feel free to bring them to the attention of any of the officers or members of the Society.

We hope this site will acquaint visitors with both our past history and our Society’s current goals. If you are a Forsyth or a member of one of our septs, I extend to you my personal invitation to join the Clan Forsyth Society of Queensland Inc.

The Association’s goals are:

  • To study and preserve the Clan’s history and traditions;
  • To foster links between Forsyths throughout the world;
  • To recognize and celebrate the achievements of individual Forsyths;
  • To honour and perpetuate the heritage of the Forsyth clan; and
  • To promote links between Forsyths and the clan’s Scottish homeland.

Clan Forsyth Scottish Shore 2 size x2 1920x1080

Clan Forsyth Scottish Shore


The Association’s Objectives

To accomplish these objectives, the Forsyth Society of Queensland Inc. proposes to carry on the following activities:

    • Genealogy: The Association carries out genealogical research in areas related to its study of Clan history. It actively collects, indexes and makes available to its members genealogical source data and compiled pedigrees on Forsyth families. The Association also advises members who wish to trace their ancestry by suggesting sources and techniques.
    • Historical Research: The Association is engaged in researching the history of the Clan and its homeland from its earliest recorded mention in both Scottish and Irish annals forward through recent times.
    • Gatherings: The Association seeks to encourage, sponsor, and publicize local, regional and international clan gatherings and Forsyth family reunions, and supports Forsyth participation in Scottish cultural fairs and events.
    • Public Website: The Association utilizes its public website ( ) to inform the public about the Forsyth clan and its history and accomplishments, and to publicly promote clan and member events.
    • Members Connections: The Association’s private website pages afford members a place to find and exchange information, communicate with one another, trade family stories and recipes, and perhaps connect with some long-lost cousins.
    • Publications: The Association publishes reunion notices, family stories, research results, Clan news and other features from time to time via online pages and occasional email Clan Journal.
    • Heritage Awareness & Preservation: The Association works to encourage and assist the preservation of the relics, artefacts, sites and antiquities relating to the Forsyth clan and to its homeland in Scotland and Ireland. It also seeks to heighten awareness and understanding of the cultural heritage of the Forsyth Clan in, particularly in the areas associated with the Forsyths.


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A thank you to members …

In August of 2015, many of the members of Clan Forsyth Society Of Australia (Queensland Branch) met at a general meeting” to consider a special resolution to change the formal structure of our organisation. I would like to advise you that this meeting unanimously voted in favour of making these changes and I wanted to personally thank all those who attended both for taking time to do so and for deliberating on this topic

I believe that through the efforts of ALL those who attended our Clan Society will now be better equipped to stride forward in the years ahead in providing better service, to both our membership and the community.

The process of the incorporation of the association completed on Friday, 7th August 2015, with the Association becoming registered as an Incorporated Association, under Queensland Law.


Click HERE to download Certificate of Incorporation.  [PDF File – 517 MB ] 

Click HERE to Download New Constitution and Rules July 2015   [PDF File – 218 K ] 

Click HERE to Download Public Liability – Certificate of Currency [PDF File – 841 K ] 


Thank you very much for visiting us, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards, 

Glenys Ashton

Clan Forsyth Society of Queensland Inc.

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 What Is Clan Forsyth Queensland?

The Queensland Branch was formed in 1979 to bring together the bearers of the Forsyth surname and its variations, their descendants and colleagues, in a society having a common interest in the study of the Forsyth history, heritage, and genealogy. 

There are no paid staff, and the officers of the association are volunteers who receive no compensation. To undertake this ambitious program, we need your support in whatever form you are able to participate – whether simply through becoming a member, by offering your ideas and suggestions, or by volunteering your time and skills to help with administrative tasks or member activities, we will welcome your involvement.


road-432161_1920 Forsyths – “Restorers of Ruin” at large, in a wide brown land



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