Oral History Container

Recorded at [Place] {Name] was [Age] at the time of her recording.

[Photo Current]

Come and Listen to [Name} as they recall some the significant events from their lives.

Personal Oral History

  • Introduction – lineage, where you lived, your first memories of home before you went to school.
  • Early School days. – Where you first went to school – Memories activities, friends events – Others schools if any
  • Later Education –
  • Further Education
  • First Job. Where, When and What type of works.
  • Later Employment, Military Service or your life’s works.
  • Marriage and Children.
  • Any Significant Life event.
  • Message to future generations.

3 x Stories Amusing/Interesting Stories.

  • Story 1
  • Story 2
  • Story 3

[Past Photo]