2015 Annual Picnic

HIGHLIGHTS – 2015 Clan Picnic – August 30th, 2015

On Sunday, August 30th 2015 at the Peak Crossing Park more than 30 of your fellow clansmen and women along with their invited guests enjoyed each other’s’ company and fellowship at the Annual Clan Picnic.

As this year saw the incorporation of the Association, there was no AGM and the volunteer committee members continue in their positions until the next AGM which will be at next year’s picnic on 28th August, 2016.


Leon Schoenknecht son of the late Coralie Schoenknecht
accepts posthumous Life Membership certificate from Val Ashton

The President’s Special Message from Val is shared here with you all:


It was only a few very short 12 months ago, that I had the opportunity to again serve my fellow clan members as their Queensland President. Since that time the management committee and I have dedicated ourselves to building upon our long traditions while at the same time embracing the changes we all face in our modern lives.

Proudly in the last 12 months not only have we as a group have completed several long standing projects but we have also completed the following:

  • Created and launched a new look Clan Journal as a primary communication device.
  • Completion and opening of the toilet facility and water bubbler at the Harrisville cemetery and the water bubbler at the Peak crossing park. Thanks go to Geoff Forsyth, the Clan sub-committee Rob Kerkin, Gordon & Carol Forsyth and Beth Forsyth as well as other sponsors for their great efforts to complete these projects.
  • Held a very successful dinner enjoyed by over 110 attendees.
  • Created and Launched our Clan Web Site ( https://clanforsythqueensland.com/ )
  • Re-engaged with our memberships and held several successful social functions.
  • Re-Established close ties with other branches both here in Australia and overseas.
  • As any organisation who is constrained to being only able to conduct two events per annum will surely wither and perish, we have renegotiated our Insurances with our provider to be able to recommence a broader and more numerous range of events and activities for our members throughout the year.
  • We have reviewed our set objectives and modernized and streamlined these so that they are more closely aligned to what we can achieve with our given resources and time constraints.
  • Re-examined our fundamental structure of our association and have become an incorporated body for the benefit of members both now and in the future.

None of this would have been possible without the combined efforts of a small and focused group of individuals who served as the Clan Committee. I would like to formally thank each and every one of them for their support over the past 12 months in setting and achieving our mission.

Sadly we have lost some very valued members over the past 12 months, Edna Weber and Coralie Schoenknecht.

We have also recently celebrated Doris Mathieson’s 100th birthday where Victor and I attended a lovely party at Bribie Island. Life memberships have been awarded this year under special circumstances to Doris Mathieson, Joan Bradshaw and posthumously to Coralie Schoenknecht due to her passing.

With such an impressive body of work already completed it may be hard for some to imagine what else may need to be complete in the coming year. However, unfortunately there is still much to be accomplished in order that we can best serve our members.

In order to achieve much of this we need more than anything else, to receive your input, opinion and advice. After all listening to our members and fulfilling their wishes, should be the primary goal of any associations executive. I will look forward to catching with you all again soon, by either phone, post or in in person, so that I can better understand how to be of assistance to you.

Please know that you are ALL once again, in our thoughts and prayers and that we will look forward to catching up with you again shortly.







Val Ashton
Clan Forsyth Society of Queensland Inc

Photo Roundup of the Day

The annual disc bowls competition, as always, was a hit with young and old, while many of the older folk spent time adding to the map of the original and current property owners and locations. The Bring and Buy stall raised $223 and the raffles were won by Val Ashton and Bev Kerkin. Thanks for all the donations from everyone!


Bev Kerkin found time to check out the maps as well as win the Disc Bowls Competition along with partner Vic Ashton


The Bring and Buy stall as popular as ever with great produce and gifts to suit all tastes


Rosie Stokan and Ian Cowan share stories and information together and Val Ashton, Anne Gamlen and Lucia McKee catch up


Max and Jean Forsyth have been ever present members of Clan Forsyth Queensland extending back since its earliest days.
hey recall that they joined back when the annual picnic was first held in Queens Park Ipswich in about 1980.

They provided many a story at the Clan Picnic and are looking forward to adding to the oral stories when the Tour Bus sets out on November 1 for the tour of the local residences, properties and stories along the way.