We need to be able to give you a voice and to know what you are thinking…

We need to be able to give you a voice and to know what you are thinking…

The current executive and committee as your elected representatives are dedicated to representing individual Clan Society members to the best of their ability. In a perfect world we could all just sit down over good cup of tea or coffee, and ask about both your interest and concerns.


However calling in for that proverbial “cuppa” in today’s “time poor” world may just be a little harder to achieve. Instead your new committee would like to phone each and every member of the Clan to learn what the issues that are important to you are. This will take place in the coming weeks and months. This will then give a direct line, so to speak, to representation at the next committee meeting.

Don’t worry if you are not home when we phone – We will call back again, at another time. If it’s not convenient to speak when we call – We’ll arrange with you a mutually convenient time, when we can both sit down with our favourite beverage at each end of the phone and make that call. We will not only pass on your comments and concerns – we will then call back after your issues and concerns are raised at our next meeting and we will advise you of their outcome.

WE RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY – Should for any reason, you wish not to take part in this process, then please contact the Clan Secretary, so that you are NOT called.