Thoughts on Diversity


I once read that there is an ancient Arabic proverb that translates roughly to :

“Gods greatest gift to humanity, was its diversity and that it is an affront, not to celebrate this gift”.

Our Clan consists of many diverse individuals, each with their own talents, interests and opinions. I also believe that as a Clan Society, we should not only celebrate the common history of our family ancestors, but also embrace the multitude of talents, interests and opinions that we as their descendants have cultivated as a result of our individual life experiences.


Shortly we will be contacting Clan members and asking if they have a particular experience or advice they would care to record and share with future generations of Forsyths. We will look forward to collecting our very own spoken history so that these can then be shared will all very shortly.

Capturing and exploiting this diverse legacy for future generations should, to my mind, be a principle objective for any Clan Society.

Len Forsyth